About us

With more than 20 years experience in the industry, we can truthfully say we are more than specialized in shaving floors. After many hours of research and considering the expectations of our clients, our equipment has been designed in-house by our team of experts, technicians and engineers.

To date we have 3 very powerful precision-sawing-machines at our disposal of the FloorShaver . The FloorShaver is an extremely efficient, safe, flexible, reliable and a very compact machine.

Thanks to the specific, technical features of this unique machine, the activities in any VNA facility can continue while the FloorShaver carries out its work.

During the start of the 21st century we developed the FloorProfiler, a more revolutionary advanced equipment that allows us to measure your industrial floors with an unbelievable precision. It also allows us to process the measurement results by unique software within seconds after the treatment which provides us results that are 100% reliable and immediately available.

And now we are proud to have worked for some of the largest and well known companies in the world, but a few to mention are: Lufthansa (Germany), Volvo (België), BMW (Oostenrijk), IBM (Hongarije).


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